Welcome to the Snackintyre Universe. Within this website you will uncover secrets like you've never imagined related to the history and majestry of The Snackintyre as well as directions, testimonials, famous moments and advanced tips. You will discover many of the famous places that The Snackintyre has been eaten by many famous people. You will also become privy to some of the historical situations in which The Snackintyre played an integral role as well as it's role in some otherwise top secret circumstances (please only read those sections after being sworn to secrecy).

Below is what has become known as the Classic Snackintyre Logo. This one has been used since the beginning displaying the basic Snackintyre structure and one of the most important , and popular, ingredients, Frank's Redhot sauce.

What is a Snackintyre?

A message from our Spokesman, Calvin.

The year 2016 CE brought a new fresh face to The Snackintyre Universe. The addition of Snackintyre Spokesman Calvin Skelton kicked off a new era for the Snackintyre company and fans. Using his witty charm, dulcet tone and righteous appearance, Calvin took the Snackintyre love to new levels with the now famous video above, "What is a Snackintyre?"

If the written recipe is too difficult for you, then this next video is made for you. Follow along on this animated video while the ingredients magically put themselves together to form the Greatest Snack Of All Time right before your eyes. Feel free to pause when you need to catch up with you personal creation, towel off and take a drink of water...just be sure to come back and don't stop eating and thinking and talking about The Snackintyre to all of your friends, family and neighbors. How else can we truly change the world for the better if you are not sharing this video and website with every single person you know?!

Yearning to learn more about the Snackintyre from the beginning? Watching the movie trailer "Snackintyre: The Beginning" will not help you. But it's one possible explanation proposed in 2015.

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