Progressive Snackintyres

Advanced Snackintyres and uses for RedHot

If you have a unique Snackintyre creation or use for RedHot...send a pic of it to Snackintyre Enterprises!

Poolside Snackintyres: OBX 2015

As of March 11, 2015 The First Lunch Crew has downed 64 different bottles of hot sauce...and still Frank's RedHot ranks #1!

(Update to the above picture. The First Lunch Crew has knocked back 96 bottles of diferent hot sauces, as of October 1, 2016, and Frank's Red Hot still reigns supreme as the number one hot sauce of choice. )

Pizza with plenty of Frank's RedHot!

Pizza of any variety is the perfect vessel for some Frank's Red Hot sauce. Whether your pizza is cold or hot, Frank's will deliver a juicy spice to the top of your pie sure to embrace your taste buds in a tantalizing adventure of flavor and excitement.

Bugle filled with Frank's RedHot!

Not only are Bugles great for making creeoy witch fingertips but they are also a great vessel for taking in some more Frank's Red Hot. Simply fill the Bugle reservoir tip with a generous sampling of Frank's and you;ve improved a common snack and allowed it to level jump up a few notches.

A Hot Pocket filled with Frank's Red Hot!

Here is proof that Frank's Red Hot can make anything better. If every bite of a Hot Pocket is filled with a healthy layer of Frank's, not only is it very edible, but it becomes a snack that rivals other snacks several layers below the Snackintyre... Not bad for just adding some Frank's.

Minestrone soup with Bugles and Frank's Red Hot

Once again our friend the Bugle shows up, but here it just serves as a delicious addition. As it turns out, Minestrone soup is just asking for a flavor upgrade. And what better source to get that upgrade than Frank's Redhot? Once you've poured yourself a bowl of Minestrone soup simply tip that bottle of Frank's and pour it in to your personally liking. To get an exact amount, if you wish, fill your specific number of Bugles with RedHot and then load them in together. Enjoy that!

Part one of Frank's Red Hot Pringle Sandwich.

Who hasn't done the duck lips with a couple Pringles? When you're done with the Pringle Duck Lips put some Frank's Red hot between those lips and make it into a Frank's Red Hot Pringle Sandwich. You'll thank us if you haven't already tried this one.