Snackin-Memes for Your Enjoyment

Famous Snackintyre Memes

From the Cosmos Episode, "The Snackintyre in Space and Time"

Proud to have been the great Carl Sagan's most favorite snack. Thanks Carl, we love you too!

We were surprised to see what the Flat Snack society actually believes.

Elon Musk reportedly loves Snackintyres and wants to take them to Mars!

Snackintyre appeared in the movie Office Space.

At least Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders could agree on the best snack.

The Snackintyre may have meddled in the 2016 election by being the best snack available to any party.

Kevin Costner shoveling snow in Winterworld.

The Dollar Shave Club and Snackintyre Enterprises make a winning team.