The Glorious Recipe

Be sure to have all necessary ingredients on hand before attempting to develop the Snackintyre.

Ingredients: ruffled potato chips (Utz Ripple brand is recommended), hot pepper cheese brick (Cabot Pepper Jack is recommended), dill hamburger pickle slices (Mt. Olive Dill Hamburger Slices is recommended) and Franks RedHot sauce. Click here for more detailed ingredient information and brand suggestions.

Pre- construction work to be done: Slice hot pepper cheese into eatable chunks approximately 1" by 1/2" by 1/4" thickness. Chill the pickles and Franks Red Hot in the refrigerator, preferably on the top shelf.

Step One: Find round potato chip able to fit in your mouth.

Step Two: Place cheese slice onto chip (from step one). You have now created what champion Snackintyre Champs call, "The Chip and Cheese Base." (Refer to the ingredients section for a more clear understanding of the CC Base.)

Step Three: Directly on top of the CC Base (from step two) place a crisp, cold dill pickle slice. The location and placement of the pickle slice is of utmost importance. This pickle acts as both a conduit and barrier to simultaneously separate and unite the various flavors in what will eventually become the explosion of Snackintyre flavor. You have now reached Tier Three in your creation! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Step Four: The most essential of The Ingredients is of course, Frank's Red Hot sauce. (For more about other suggested uses of Frank's Red Hot sauce please check out Variations on Frank's Red Hot sauce ). Pour as much Frank's Red Hot sauce directly on the cold, crisp pickle as you like. Be generous here... the more the better, I always say.

You now should have the beautiful creation known as the Snackintyre, and now there is only one step remaining!

Step Five: Place entire Snackintyre into mouth and enjoy the explosion of flavor some equate to a heavenly experience.

Now that you experienced The Snackintyre, We encourage you to go forth into the world and spread the word about this glorious treat certainly sent to us for its sheer enjoyment and pleasure. Please be sure to use the copyrighted Snackintyre name, tag us on Facebook and Instagram and use hashtags such as #snackintyre, #thesnackintyre, #GOATsnack, etc... and send anyone with questions to this website for further clarification.

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