The Snackintyre history is a long road travelled only by the most adventurous adventurers and spans many lifetimes and generations...some say the story stretches wide across the stars and deep into ancient history. Most believe it began in the early 1980s in a little town tucked away in northwest Pennsylvania called Titusville. Read along, the story of how a chip, slice of hot pepper cheese, a dill pickle slice and a generous amount of Frank's Red Hot sauce has become America's number one snack and may possibly have have been a crucial component to much of human history.

Historically Important Events in Snackintyre History

It has been recently discovered that the original 4th of July may have been spicier than we thought!

The Hotel Windsor at Lake Toya on the island of Hokkaido in Japan, had been turned into a Snackintyre creation center for the duration of the G8 summit in July 2008.

The historical World War II meeting of U.S. and Soviet Red Army soldiers downtown of the eastern German city of Torgau near the river Elbe may not have been the same without the intervention of the Snackintyre.

A young Elvis Presley enjoying the King of Snacks, The Snackintyre. Reportedly, after the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, The Snackintyre was The King's next favorite snack.

The great Carl Sagan giving his famous "Billions and Billions of Snackintyres Through the Cosmos" lecture.

During the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers enjoyed many rounds of Snackintyres. Ben Franklin was an especially large fan of the patriotic snack.

Beyonce performing the opening song at the 1st Annual Snackintyre Awards, while enjoying a Snackintyre.

Relatively unknown depiction of the Last Appetizer prior to the Last Supper. Other Snackintyre religious and spiritual ties include; Buddhism, Rastafarianism, Tupi Indians, Native American Indians, Lunar Noonology, Taoism, Voodoo and others...

Having possibly been around for centuries, or longer, the actual history of The Snackintyre is difficult to exact. Many ancient readings suggest the idea spawned during observation of a rare type of tree in present day western portion of the state of Pennsylvania of the United States of America on the North American continent..