A Dozen Ways to Delight Holiday Contest (Official Video)

The 2023 Holiday Season Snackintyre Contest is here!! Watch this video and read below for all the details!

The Snackintyre Holiday Contest  is Back...and Better than ever!!

Great prizes await your great creativity!

"A Dozen Ways to Delight"

The 12 Ways of Snackintyre

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Options for Entering: (Choose one or Many!)

Creatively incorporate the Snackintyre card into your holiday decorations or setups! 

Take the Snackintyre card on unique holiday-themed journeys and share your photos!

 Showcase the Snackintyre card in a creative way while helping others during the holiday season! 

Share a festive recipe along with the Snackintyre card in the cooking process or final presentation!

Turn the Snackintyre card into a festive ornament. Use it as a base and decorate it with holiday-themed elements.

Incorporate the Snackintyre card into a creative interpretation of a classic Christmas carol. This could be through a short video, a photo series, or even a written description.

Get pictures of you, and the Snackintyre card, enjoying a spicy holiday snack with your boss!

Use the Snackintyre card in a unique way as part of a stocking stuffer. 

Incorporate the Snackintyre card into the design of a gingerbread house. This can be a fun and tasty way to showcase creativity.

Recreate a scene from your favorite holiday movie using the Snackintyre card in a creative and humorous way.

Take the Snackintyre card on a journey around the county or town to capture festive landmarks and decorations in the background.

Create a short Christmas-themed story or comic strip that features the Snackintyre card as a central element in the plot.

"To Die For"  - Emily Treasure Green

Congratulations to Emily Treasure Green for her victorious winning entry, "To Die For," seen above.  With this entry she became the first winner of the America's Got Snackintyres Art Contest of summer 2021. 

Emily is a painter and photographer working in Vermont. Her work can be seen at or on Instagram @emilytreasureart 

America's Got Snackintyres

Snack Contest Summer 2021

"Create your personal interpretation of the Snackintyre using ANY art form! "

America’s Got Snackintyres!

Summer 2021

Create your personal interpretation of the Snackintyre using ANY art form!


Prizes: Winner in each category receives:

Art Form Possible Ideas (but not limited to):

- drawing

- sculpture

- painting

- PowerPoint 

- cake decoration

- sidewalk chalk

- graphic design

- animation

- song 

- poem

- interpretive dance

- video

- needle work

- baking

- fashion merchandising 

- creative writing

- photography 

- glass blowing

- film

- documentary

- cinematography

- makeup artistry

- pumpkin carving

- speech

- infographic

- model

- flash mob 

- synchronized swimming

- acting / play

- musical

- carpentry

- architecture

- PlayDoh

- culinary 

- finger painting

- magic

- ventriloquism

- tatoo

- etc.

The Rules:

Spring 2020 Contest: The Social Distancing April Absurdity Snackintyre / Wurst Week Snack Contest