In the Movies

Throughout theatrical history, great movies have relied on the important placement and use of great, popular products which has resulted in some of the most classic scenes in film history. The Snackintyre is proud to have helped to continue this great tradition.

The Snackintyre has been well represented in all sorts of movies. Below are just a few notable moments in which The Snackintyre has become enshrined in movie history.

The great Matthew McConaughey in the 2012 thriller/drama Mud.

Reese Witherspoon surviving with Snackintyres in the 2014 drama Wild.

Bill Murray requesting more Frank's Redhot for his Snackintyres in the comedy/drama St. Vincent in 2014.

Michael Keaton, in Birdman (2014), showing love for The Snackintyre.

Giuliana Rancic preparing for the 2015 Academy Awards Ceremony with a few Snackintyres.

Jim Carrey's unforgettable Snackintyre eating scene in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective... hilarious.