Snackintyre Staff

After centuries of  prominent Snackintyre moments and legendary figures using the Snackintyre to shape history, another squad of leaders took up the Snackintyre sword to defend the world against hunger and lame, mundane snacks. Presenting the Snackintyre Staff of the modern era.

CEO, Founder

G. McIntyre, Snackintyre Enterprises CEO and Founder

As popularizer of The Snackintyre,  and Founder, CEO, copyright owner, website designer, primary creative consultant, President and primary, singular shareholder of Snackintyre Enterprises, G. McIntyre brought the Snackintyre to worldwide fame in 2010. As the worldwide phenomenon grew a need for a sauve, dapper face of the Snackintyre Universe became clear. Enter Snackintyre Spokesman C. Skelton...



Official Spokesperson

C. Skelton, Snackintyre Official Spokesperson

The spring of  2016 brought the arrival of C. Skelton as the official Snackintyre Spokesman. Skelton brought a friendly face, sharp wit and pleasant smile to the publicity management of Snackintyre Enterprises. Smoothly announcing winners and new contests as well as charasmatically explaining the Snackintyre and its recipe, Skelton quickly rose to fame within the Snackintyre Universe.



Quality Control Supervisor


Rye D, Snackintyre Quality Control Supervisor, Harford County, MD and surrounding counties

Taking on the task of quality control is Rye D. Rye will show up anywhere that Snackintyres are made, in his region of Harford County, MD and surrounding counties, to ensure quality control measures are taken. This long time lover of the Snackintyre Flavor has accepted the QCS position and is now able to finally put his tastes where his mouth is.

"I'll ensure all Snackintyres are made with the listed ingredients and in their correct stacking order. Tough job, but I can make snacking great again!"

- Rye D, July 2017





Jason "Cease and Desist" Simpson, Vice President of  Online Acronym Quality Control (OAQC), Esquire and Creative Consultant, Admin 01

In the unpaid employment world of Snackintyre Enterprises there are no unimportant positions, and this is no exception. As the VP of OAQC (Online Acronym Quality Control) Jason has many responsibilities and enjoys a very distinguished position within the Snackintyre Universe. Nationally acclaimed as one of the top OAQC artisans, Snackintyre Enterprises is proud to welcome this new edition. He also loves to engage in legal battles representing Snackintyre Enterprises and its subsidiaries. 





Snackintyre Regional Promotional Management Team

Promotion is the cornerstone of making The Snackintyre available to the world. For that reason we only employ (with no pay, of course) the very best and most committed promotion managers. As we move forward increasing our promotional staff we will continue our highest standards and degrees of quality competence among our staff members. If you feel as though you could be a productive member of the management team, send a resume, qualifications and explanation of how and why you deserve to be a member of Snackintyre Enterprises to:


Please meet the Snackintyre Enterprises Promotional Management Team:

United States Promotional Management Team

Western Pennsylvania Region: 001


B. DeVinney, Snackintyre Promotional Manager, Western Pennsylvania Region, PM 001

Devinney joined the team officially in October of 2016, but had been a  promoter and lover of the Snackintyre Way for years prior to the official appointment. One of Devinney's most well known Snackintyre quotes is, "Sleep, Work, Snack."

If you're in Western PA and need a Snackintyre hookup or recommendation, B. DeVinney is your man with the Snackintyre plan.



Southern Maryland Region: 002


Bill F, Snackintyre Promotional Manager, Southern Maryland Region / Ambassador at Large, Tailgate Specialist, PM 002

A long time lover of the Snackintyre, SoMD Manager Bill has been speading the Snackintyre Word for for years at Navy football tailgate parties and his Southern Maryland Snackintyre office. Bill office accepted his position at The Snackintyre in July of 2017.

"As the promotional manager for Southern Maryland and Ambassador at Large, it has become my life's mission to educate the uneducated and extoll the exquisite virtues of The Snackintyre."

 - Bill F, on accepting his Snackintyre Enterprises position, July 2017 


California Central Coast: 004

Mike S, Snackintyre Promotional Manager, California Central Coast, PM 004

Mike S is our CCC (California Central Coast) Promotional Manager and temporarily in charge of all of California, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon, until further recruits have been processed. Among other things, Mike loves Snackintyres and is eager for a summer of spreading Snackintyre Love everywhere he goes!


Daytona Beach - Greater Volusia County Area: 005


Shawn Quinn, Snackintyre Promotional Manager, Daytona Beach, FL, PM 005

Spreading the Snackintyre Word for the Daytona Beach, greater Volusia County Region, from Daytona Beach's Rock Station, the Hog on 95.7, is DJ Shawn Quinn.  Greater Volusia County / Daytona Beach Snackintyre Promotional Manager Shawn Quinn plans to sing the Snackintyre's praises from loft to brewery, hither and yonder. Welcome Shawn!



International Promotional Management Team


Rick M,  Snackintyre Promotional Manager, International Team; Canadian Liaison and Team Leader, PM 003

Recruited in July, 2017 after impressive free-lance work in the field, converting Canadians to the Snackintyre Way, Rick proves to be an invaluable addition to the Snackintyre Enterprises Regional Promotional Managment Team, International Division. Rick's ability to spead The Word has been observed and, to date, only rivaled by SoMA Manager, Bill F.





Snackintyre Technical Advisory Team:

The fall of 2016 produced the need for a highly technical team of advisors to aid in  all the various digitial and technical demands associated with the worldwide expansion of The Snackintyre Universe.

Heading up this department is Snackintyre Leading Technical Advisor, M. Burke of  Studio 57.  Burke's expertise in this field has been invaluable and necessary for the growth of Snackintyre Enterprises.


M. Burke, Snackintyre Lead Technical Advisor, Tech01


Burke's talented assistant on the Technical Advisory Team the talented up and coming J. Clemmer. A fan of the Snackintyre taste for years, Clemmer joins the squad as a Technical Consultant working out of Burke's office.

J. Clemmer, Snackintyre Technical Consultant, Tech02



Sagan M, Snackintyre Website Systems Management and Cybersecurity, Tech03

Sagan's command and control of website systems and cybersecurity network managerial profiling has made him an integral part of the Snackintyre Universe's movement into the high tech snacking systems of the future.  Operating out of the office of Burke's Technical Advisory Team but reporting directly to the supreme leader himself, Sagan joined in July of 2017 and has a bright future ahead of him within Snackintyre Enterprises.



EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES (non-paid, of course)

Snackintyre Enterprises is currently seeking highly motivated, trained and qualified lovers of everything Snackintyre to become promotional managers and ambassadors in their respective regions around the world.

If you think you have what it takes to be an unpaid Snackintyre Regional Promotional Manager, or another potential Snackintyre Enterprises position of your choice or creation, and are qualified for such a task; send your resume, qualifications and explanation of why you deserve this position and what you would do to promote the Snackintyre Way in your region to: