Sack Toss

The history of the sack toss game goes back in time many years ago when legendary sack toss pioneer Dr. Ron first shot sack across the lunchroom into the corner garbage can and his score was recorded on a paper towel hung on the refrigerator (only known existing ancient score sheet resides in the Sack Toss Hall of Legends). Years went by as the good doctor shot sack against himself during first lunch (except for a brief period of sack toss competing against Janis in second lunch, who now holds the position of K-Mo's lawyer/agent/specal educator). The New Guy took over shooting sack as Dr. Ron retired the game. A few years later the sack toss game became a competition between The New Guy and K-Mo on a daily basis to compete for fame and fortune.

Half way through the 2012-2013 season, in January 2013, The Sack Toss game came into the new age with a high tech scoring and recording system capable of live updates and worldwide sharing of statistics.

Along the way, at times, when the season has ended, the sackers were tied with their final score (as determined by the committee) and special events were needed to determine the winner for the season. Below chronicles the rules and special events having taken place over the years during, and related to, The First Lunch Sack Toss.

2014 – 2015

Downloadable Rules Sheet

Positive Points:

The Nice Sack (shot made) = +2 Points

Negative Points:

The Air Sack (sack missing can entirely) = -1 point

The Copy Sack (sack hitting copy machine) = -1 point

+ Air Sack Penalty (-1) = -2 points

The Lazy Sack (at lunch but shot not taken by bell) = -1 point

The Sack of Disrespect - Unexcused Absence

*as determined by The Committee = -2 points

Neutral Points:

The Absent Sack (legal absence from school) = +0 points

*The Sack Toss Committee retains the exclusive right to rule upgrades and appendages.

Revised November 2012 by Official 1st Lunch Sack Toss Committee

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Downloadable Rules Sheet

Huryk vs. Morris III

At the conclusion of the 2014-2015 Sack Toss season, the score was tied at two quarters each. The only logical solution to end the year-long battle was...

Sack Pong!

It was decided by the First Lunch Crew that a game of Sack Pong was the best method to determine a winner. Rules were developed by the committee and the game was played on June 19, 2015.

A Sack

The Set Up

It was a hard fought battle by both Sackers and in the end The New Guy was the victor as it came down to the very last can to win it. Both sackers were delighted to be a part of the competition and played and conducted themselves with respect and nearly a high level of integrity. This victory sealed the win for the 2014-2015 season for The New Guy.

Following his victory, The New Guy had this comment: "I would like to thank all those that believed in me...I have struggled, toiled, and trained tirelessly to hone my craft. The vanquished was less than gracious in defeat, but I think no less of her pitted against such great odds.

Just joking...all fun, thanks for another great year."

Well said, New Guy, well said, and we couldn't agree more. Until next time, keep shooting sack...

Huryk vs. Morris II

The Great Trike Race of 2014

Huryk vs. Morris I

On November 8, 2010, at 8 AM, at an undisclosed location, a race of monumental proportions took place to settle a challenge leveled by Karen "K-Mo" Morris towards Dave "The New Guy" Huryk.

K-Mo would race The New Guy for one mile around the undisclosed track to determine the baddest runner in the school... the only catch to this challenge was that Dave had to run the full mile backwards!!

Could speedy Dave "The Backwards Guy" support his freakish claim or would K-Mo pull off the upset of the century?!

As you can see from the pictures there was a very large crowd in attendance for this event and all treated to an exciting race. DNTG led the race from the beginning for a few laps until K-Mo caught up during the 3rd lap and they steadily paced each other for over a lap. Then, with a blinding flash, nearing the last quarter of the final lap, K-Mo blazed a path to the finish line beating DTNG with a comfortable lead. GREAT JOB COMPETITORS!!

Looking forward to another great race this year at the

2011 SUMO Two Hundred

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, the 2011 SUMO Two Hundred never took place, but its still on the minds of the committee for future events.