The mythical legend of The Snackintyre has, for milennia, bounced around as a story from one people to another. Civilizations have come and gone while The Snackintyre story has transcended by being passed from one generation to the next and from tribe to tribe. The recipe has been stolen, sold, fought over, traded, awarded, buried,  and prayed about (and in some locations and times, prayed to). It has started and settled wars, skirmishes and disputes. It has solved mysteries while being a mystery of its own. Kings, queens, rulers, pirates, nomads, presidents, generals, wisemen, warlocks, witches, magicians, gods, goddesses, man, woman and child have all sought out the wisdom and deliciousness that comes with The Snackintyre.

Legend has it that the true magic of The Snackintyre can only be attained through Total Immersion Technique Snacking. Many years of immersive snacking is thought to be responsible for many of the greatest feats achieved throughout history.

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