Celebrity Snackintyre Lovers

Hayden Paniettere appears to love The Snackintyre!



Sochi Olympics 2014: From top, left: Bob Costas, expressing need for Frank's Red Hot on Snackintyre; Meredith, Savannah & Matt eating Snackintyres on air; British curling team sweeping hard with Snackintyres; Bode Miller making and eating Snackintyres while shredding down the hill; I.O.C. President and Russian President Putin enjoying the Games and the Snackintyres; 1st gold medal of 2014 Sochi to Sage Kotsenberg showing off his Snackintyre T-Shirt.



Bravolebrities: From Top, left: The Shahs of Sunset enjoying a fancy Snackintyre dinner; Rez eating a Snackintyre; Rez posing with a Snackintyre; Kyle Richards and her fav snack...The Snackintyre.



Artists: From top, left: The famous Katy Perry Snackintyre tatoo; a young Dave Grohl proclaiming Red Hot as THE hot sauce; a more experienced Dave Grohl still loving Red Hot and The Snackintyre;  Blake Shelton interview talking of his love of The Snackintyre, trucks and chewin' tabacca.





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