This impressive testimonial page stands as a witness of proof of the sheer power of the flavor of The Snackintyre. This is asmall fraction of the moments witnessed where an individual, or individuals, took part in The Snackintyre adventure and received the goodness of the life changing Snackintyre Flavor.

Feel free to peruse these amazing and transformative testimonials. Use them as samples for yourself, or points of meditation, or artistic inspiration, or  artifacts of historical moments. If you find yourself doing a Snackintyre-Eating-Selfie (SES), and throwing out a memorable Snackintyre related quote, and you think it's worthy of appearing on this page, please send it to us with your approval to be posted to: Snackintyre Eating Selfie


Joe Butrim, The RoadMaster, says, "Each ingredient, a snack in its own right, comes together to form a multi-faceted, perfectly balanced and blended snack."

- September, 2018 - Baltimore, MD



"So my daughter brings home all the necessary ingredients to make Th Snackintyre. With excitement in her eyes, she creates this wonderful snack. There was a bit of uncertainty, however to our surprise...absolutely delicious!"

Thanks! Good job!" - Stacey, June, 2017

Thank you, Stacey, for the kind words.  As we strive for near perfection here at Snackintyre Enterprises, we are forever grateful to hear from the new, brave wave of those individuals trying the Snackintyre for the first time and reveling in its majesty and all welcoming greatness.




Ryan, Dave, and Josh enjoying some Holiday Snackintyres! - December 2015, Bel Air, MD


Eric & Jessica enjoying the holidays with some Snackintyres - December 2015, Bel Air, MD



"Merry Christmas to me, bro." - Larry, December 2015, Titusville, PA

Indeed, Merry Christmas to you, bro.




Ruth, Mary & Margot have some Winter Solstice Snackintyres! - December 2015, Bel Air, MD




"I've had a hankering ever since yesterday!"
-Rye, April 2014, Bel Air, MD



"Nothing better than enjoying a Snackintyre on a snowy day!"
- Jeff, Snowstorm Pax, Feb 13, 2014, Bel Air, MD

We couldn't agree more, Jeff...couldn't agree more...



"I can't eat enough of these!"

- Ugly Sweater Participants December 2011, Bel Air, MD



"Alright...I gotta have a Snackintyre!"

- Kate, December 2011, Bel Air, MD   



"Christmas Snackintyres are the best!!"

Emilorymas 2011, Bel Air, MD   



"I put that $#*t on everything!"



"I like them because they are easy to remember how to build them!"

- Jim, December 2011, Bel Air, MD




Ugly Sweater Participants December 2011, Bel AIr, MD



Snackintyres for dessert!



Snackintyre Demonstration by Jen F. and Zuli before a Pirate game.

April 24, 2012 , Pittsburgh, PA



"At first they're sort of middle of the road... but the after taste is amazing!"

 - Johnny, December 2011, Bel AIr, MD



Pirate game fun with Snackintyres! - April 24, 2012,  Pittsburgh, PA



"I love these things! I even eat 'em for breakfast!" ...

Katie P.  July 2010 , Titusville, PA


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