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Heighe Street montage from June, 2018 at Sean Bolan's in Bel Air, MD




Heighe Street's first original song and video.

"Therapy Summer" - June 2017






Big Me

Buddy Holly

Come Together

Don't You (Forget About Me)

Dream Lover

Enter Jazzman

Ex's and Oh's

Flagpole Sitta

Folsom Prison Blues

Fortunate Son

Gimme Some Lovin'

Gold on the Ceiling

I Only Lie When I Love You


Last Nite


Mr. Brightside

Our Ma Mater (Heighe Street)


Possum Kingdom

Psycho Killer


Sex & Candy

Shake It Off

Song 2

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Therapy Summer (Heighe Street)

We Will Rock You

Whip It

99 Red Balloons



The Story of Heighe Street:


Many moons ago at a now torn-down Bel Air High School, a group of teachers formed a rock band called Staff Infection playing at school talent shows and the opening of the new bulding. A revolving door of Staff Infection members included: Chuck Bowden, Kelly Christ, Tanya Dewey, Tim Markland, Geoff McIntyre, Sean Moran, Terry O'Neill, Brenda Tackett, and Cedd Schuler. No Staff Infection appearances happened in the new school and several attempts to reunite the band all failed miserably.

In 2015, a Bel Air High School student, Oliva Street, approached Schuler (bass) and McIntyre (drums), from Staff Infection, about getting a teacher band together to play for the final Open Mic Night / Poetry Slam of the school year. Ryan Doyle (guitar) and Nathan Schoppert (vocals, guitar) were added to play for the show and so was the birth of the Heighe Street Avengers (HSA). At the time the high-stakes high school tests were the High School Assessments, commonly referred to as HSA's. Cedd Schuler moved away and was replaced by his identical twin replacement, Stephen Bitel.

The Heighe Street Avengers played for a few Faculty Christmas parties and Open Mic Nights at the school and even performed as the lounge act band, Teacher's Lounge, at one BAHS Variety Show. Dropping Avengers from the name, the band made their first out-of-school appearance on June 2, 2018 as Heighe Street at Sean Bolan's Irish Pub in Bel AIr, MD.  In the summer following the first Heighe Street show, Ryan Doyle became a father and took some time away from the music scene to spend with his son. The other three members (Bitel, McIntyre, Schoppert) formed a new band called Heighe Street Acoustic and began trying to play acoustic shows for happy hours and breweries. Heighe Street Acoustic made their first public appearance on August 31, 2018 at Slate Farm Brewery in northern Harford County playing three more times in 2018 while aggressively booking over 25 shows for the 2019 Five Stars Tour.







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